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Bernadette Crumb


Gathered together for this solemn occasion . . .

CE Fox


Pete is haunted by the same bad dream night after night. Is he cracking up, or is it some sort of sign?

KF Garrison

A Time to Weep, A Time to Laugh - Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3

Reed and Malloy are caught up in the murderous path of two escaped felons.


It's Good to Remember

A knock in the head and Pete's not the man he remembers.


A string of prank phone calls spells out a life and death puzzle for Reed and Malloy.

EA Mallory


A bomb scare at work has Jim Reed worried about a different kind of explosion at home.

Kate Webster


False charges are only the beginning of the nightmare . . .


Reed and Malloy get a dangerous glimpse of what the future may hold.

Coda/Prequels/Future/Missing Scenes

CE Fox

First Moments, First Thoughts

Jim Reed's first moments alone with their new baby.

It Only Takes a Moment

Ever wonder how Jim and Jean met?

Tina Spassione


Coda story to the episode "Hostage"

The Beat Goes On - Pt 1, Pt 2

Following in their fathers' footsteps . . . a future Adam-12 story


Code 3 Wannabes

Things That Go Bump

The only smooth thing about this shift is the black and white's wax job.

Holiday Stories

Code 3 Wannabes

No Way to Spend New Year's Eve

Pulling a double shift is the last thing Pete and Jim want to do on December 31.

CE Fox

Angels We Have Heard While High

Someone needs to tell Ed Wells to be more careful about where he buys his postage stamps.

Calamity Jim (Story first appeared on Tac 2, Christmas 1999)

Jim's Santa snafu from the episode Pilgrimage continues the next day at the local mall.

KF Garrison


A string of lights, a rooftop, and Pete and Jim . . . what could possibly go wrong?


A 4th of July Story

A poem

Some Days Aren't All They're Cracked Up to Be

An Easter story

Turkey On the Rocks

Too much stuffing all the way around

Kate Webster

Wrapped Around The Heart

A tiny hand wraps around his finger, and Pete's best defenses are laid waste.



The Cat, the Hat, and the Laundromat

What is it with Reed and Pete's hat?



A purse-snatching punk and stupid shoelaces create chaos for Officer Malloy.



Midnights Are No Fun

Joe and Bill and Pete and Jim lament TVLand's abysmal WebbTV schedule.


The Big Crossover

This is the parody . . . Dragnet meets Adam-12.


Holy parody!! What bizarre twist has WebbTV taken?? Has Jack Webb fallen on his head after watching too many Batman reruns??? Will our boys in blue ever be the same????

Lisa M.

A Reeder's Lament

One of Continue Patrol's faithful Reeders, er, readers is getting a little impatient for a new story. ;)

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