A Reeder's Lament

by Lisa M.

Week One, No New Stories . . .

Reed: It sure is quiet out there . . .

Malloy: Yeah, too quiet.

Reed: I don't like it.

Malloy: It is pretty hinky.

Reed: Wonder what's going on?

Malloy: I dunno . . . good question.

Reed: If only we had something to read . . .

Malloy: Yeah.

Reed: Can I drive?

Week Two, Still No New Stories

Reed: That fanfic editor sure does have a lot of power.

Malloy: Yep . . . an' she has a bit of a SADISTIC streak, too.

Reed: You said it. Sort of an evil sense of humor. But deep down she really is nice and has sympathy for the growling, incoherent, drooling addicts she leaves in her wake. Kind of like a NICE pusher.

Malloy: Yeah.

Reed: Loooooonng stories are my favorite.

Malloy: Me too.

Reed: I like it when they post two at the same time so you can read until 5 am like some kind of obsessed idiot.

Malloy: Yeah, that's fun.

Reed: Can I drive now???

Week Three, STILL No New Stories

Malloy: You wanna clear us??

Reed: Oh . . . yeah. Sorry.

Malloy: So what's bugging you this time?

Reed: How do you always know??

Malloy: Don't worry about that, just spill it and get it over with before you start clicking your pen.

Reed: Oh, you'd laugh.

Malloy: Try me.

Reed: Well . . . it's fanfic.

Malloy: What??

Reed: You know . . . fan fiction . . .

Malloy: Well, what's your problem with it?

Reed: Oh. . . just the anticipation of a couple killer new stories is killin' me . . .

Malloy: Reed, you gotta get a life!!!!

Reed: Oh, Pete . . . not you too???!!!???

Malloy: All right, all right. Maybe you can read some other fandoms to hold you over.

Reed: Well, I'm trying that . . . even went to that old standby - Star Trek. Only thing is, it's hard to find any good TOS Trek fic that isn't SLASH.

Malloy: What's slash?????

Reed: You don't wanna know, Pete.

Malloy: Try me.

Reed: You REALLY don't wanna know. Trust me.

Malloy: Okay . . . so what are you gonna do to get over this crisis??

Reed: I dunno . . . bug the fanfic editor 'til she posts the story just to shut me up?

Malloy: Oh my.

Reed: You want me to drive??

Editor's Note : I'm sure there would have been more installments, but rumor has it that Lisa M. succombed to story-starvation . . . .

There ARE more stories coming, I promise!!! ;) As soon as I defibrillate Lisa . . . . now where did I put those paddles??

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